light granite countertops in brown cabinet kitchenWhoever coined the expression “hard as a rock” might have been thinking of granite. Compressed from a molten rock under the surface of the earth, granite is tremendously durable and hard.

Granite has a heat resistant quality so it doesn’t blister. It is also very resistent chips or scratches. It is best to use in kitchen countertops compared to laminate, synthetic and marble. It also has a better appearance and has dimensional and luminous quality when polished.

Granites are made with an interlocking crystals, mostly quartz and feldspar. What make this granite unique is that it has a range of other minerals. The white mineral is the feldspar and the light gray is the quartz. Making the raw granite into granite countertops will require special tools. Granite can be installed professionally and custom made. It is great for countertops

Installing granite countertops

If you are planning to have your granite countertops custom-fabricated, the process requires precise, careful measurement. If you are installing the granite in the kitchen, pull out the refrigerator and the stove and take away the sink from the current countertop.

Granite countertops are an attractive addition to kitchens and bathrooms. Granite is hard to install by yourself. If you have a bath or kitchen area that you wanted to install granite countertops, call us today!

5 steps to installing granite countertopsraw granite stone

  1. We visit your home and measure the countertops cautiously.

  2. We prepare the cabinets to clutch the weight of the new, granite counters.

  3. We cut and prepare your new counters at our stone cutting facility in Stoney Creek.

  4. We install the countertops; Our team lifts the granite into place and secures it with dollops of silicone around all of the cabinets.

  5. We fill in the seams with polyester-based resin.